Tedmet® Color

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Tedmet Color is a revolutionary Tedlar coated metal cladding system

The Colors of TedMet

  • Aqua Blue Aqua Blue
  • Bayberry Bayberry
  • Birch White Birch White
  • Charcoal Charcoal
  • Concord Cream Concord Cream
  • Dawn Gray Dawn Gray
  • Desert Sand Desert Sand
  • Doeskin Doeskin
  • Emerald Green Emerald Green
  • Granite Gray Granite Gray
  • Heron Feather Heron Feather
  • High Sky High Sky
  • Highway Green Highway Green
  • Island Ivory Island Ivory
  • Ivy Leaf Ivy Leaf
  • Light Blue Light Blue
  • Light Gray Light Gray
  • Misty Gray Misty Gray
  • Natural Linen Natural Linen
  • Pewter Gray Pewter Gray
  • Salem Blue Salem Blue
  • Sandstone Sandstone
  • Shell White Shell White
  • Spruce Green Spruce Green
  • Sun Yellow Sun Yellow
  • Tokyo Day Tokyo Day

TedMet Color is a DuPont™ Tedlar® laminated on the topside of metals such as stainless steel or Aluminium. Tedlar® is a polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film and is factory applied to the metal using an innovative process developed by BS Stainless.

TedMet Color exhibits exceptional abrasion and weather resistance properties along with high resistance to chemical attack make it an ideal architectural cladding system to be used outdoors to look good while resisting extreme weather conditions. The film thickness is 1.5 mil (37.5 μ). Now available in a wide range of colors above, more details can  found on the Dupont web site here

Tedmet color is an ideal solution for architectural cladding, facade systems and sandwich panels. Stainless steel and aluminium are widely used in these systems but mainly with colors that are polyester, acrylic or PVDF. Dupont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride PVF coating takes this up a level. With over 50 years exposure in the field this product really can demonstrate its longevity and performance. It has the ability to preserve a buildings appearance even in extreme conditions. With the expansion in range of colours this is the ultimate cladding system to out perform the rest. With Aluminium or stainless steel supplied in coils or sheet with Tedmet prebonded to the exterior surface its the ideal solutions for low maintenance and long lasting cladding systems that can be easily fbricated then further bonded to acoustic and insulation materials.

Our metal jacketing meet the  latest ASTM standards for aluminum jacketing ASTM C1729 and for stainless steel jacketing ASTM C1767.

TedMet is also available with a range of factory applied options for the underside of the jacketing:

DryMet  poly film moisture barrier to prevent galvanic corrosion of the jacketing this includes Surlyn and polythene the result is a vapour barrier free from pin holes.

SoundMet acoustic jacketing for effective noise insulation to comply with ISO 15665 can be prodcued fire resistant or as an anti vibration version as an alternative to Bitumen VibroMet. Both options can save time and offer superior performance by not slipping or moving once installed.

Or simply with just bare metal reverse.

Most common base metals for TedMet are Series 300 Stainless Steel and Aluminium, other metals are available as per project specification. Corrugated, embossed and other profiles are also available in TedMet one advantage is its easly to form and fabricate.

*For more details on Tedmet® and to request samples, please contact our engineers

ColorMet – Painted Stainless Steel (PVDF)

Painted stainless steel (ColorMet) is available from BS Stainless manufactured in the UK


Painted metal jacketing (PVDF) that reflects heat away and enhances the performance.


Metal jacketing moisture barrier incorporating Surlyn


Acoustic Metal jacketing solution, efficient and contributes towards preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI)


Tedmet is a revolutionary Tedlar coated metal jacketing system


VibroMet acoustic insulation jacketing is an innovate metal jacket that prevents vibration