Metal Jacketing

Metal jacketing is the optimal solution for industrial insulation jacketing, cladding or lagging of pipework and equipment. With a variety of uses including, weather and damage protection, aesthetics, and where applicable, fire protection.

The system is designed to be used on the insulation as a primary barrier. Surrounded by metal jacketing as an outer cover, secured with stainless steel banding and seals. A key factor for using metal jacketing is the prevention of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Standard pipeline insulation system: Metal jacketing pipe. Insulation jacket. Stainless steel jacketing

Base Material

The base metal in metal jacketing is generally stainless steel or aluminium; selected for their anti-corrosive properties. The aluminium is supplied according to ASTM B209 standard, and the stainless steel according to ASTM A240 standard.

Other materials available as a base metal are Aluzinc, Aluzinc ZX Petrochem, Galvanised Steel and Aluminized Steel Types 1 and 2.


We supply a number of solutions that are produced in-house to further enhance the traditional insulation system.

This is achieved by the lamination of high-performance coatings on the metal. They can be applied to the base metal in various combinations to provide an effective metal jacketing solution to safety critical appli­cations.


Metal jacketing moisture barrier incor­porating Surlyn


Acoustic Metal jacketing solution, efficient and contributes towards preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI)


Painted metal jacketing (PVDF) that reflects heat away and enhances the performance.


Tedmet is a revolu­ti­onary Tedlar coated metal jacketing system